Ghana, Twa

Naïade water disinfection station in Twa in operation.

The installation of three Naïades together with two 18,500 liter poly tanks, 1,200 meter connecting pipe work and a solar powered KSB feed pump has been set up near Accra in Ghana.
The installation supplies the total daily amount of fresh water needed for the village people. In the past, they had to walk down hill 1,200 meters to the river to get their water. Nowadays, it flows by a solar powered pump into the tanks and is treated by the Nedap Naïade water purification units. The overflow is used for washing, cattle etc. It shows clearly the possibility to improve the water distribution and the possibility to install autarkic water supply units in remote areas all over the world.

Nedap realized this project in close cooperation with Dascon Ltd,  Melpool Ltd and KSB Ghana, in orderto fulfill the testing and reference requirements of the Ghanaian Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing.