Nanjing, China

Safe Water for Schools, that’s the main goal of China’s Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF), world’s largest official women’s organization.The installation of several Nedap Naïades in south eastern China’s provinces Jiangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou and the northern province Hebei, assures that scholars, students and teachers do have access now to clean and safe drinking water. The Naiade systems have proven to be an excellent solution for CWDF’s main goal, besides raising the awareness of water use, water protection and sanitation.

The introduction of the Nedap Naïades was supported by Nanjing Venture Technology Co., Ltd in China.

Mrs. Huang Qingyi, from CWDF declared that in the coming years, many schools will get support from CWDF to install the Naïade water purification units to get access to safe and clean drinking water.